Russian / Featherized Volume Lashes

Russian or  featherized lashes is a specialised technique, using 2-6 ultra fine lashes in a featherized way to create more volume filing in gaps and giving a much more fuller effect.

Patch test is required no later than 48 hours prior to appointment.


*Full Set    2 - 2.5 hours   £70

* Mixed Set    2 hours   £65

* Mixed set is Classic & Russian volume mix if you want to try the volume lashes and are unsure about a full set, or are short on time.


Before Lash Appointment

*A patch test is required before your appointment, preferably no later than 48 hours prior, allergic reactions can still occur a day after testing, not necessarily straight away. Thankfully they are rare but our trainers and  insurances are now so strict that it has to be done to ensure your safety.

Your patch test will need to be booked in, unfortunately you cannot just turn up for one. A few small lashes are applied to one eye, therefore if you are wearing mascara this will need to be removed. A consultation will be carried out, to determine the style of lashes you require and any questions you have can be answered.

A non-refundable £10.00 booking fee is rquired at your patch test to secure your booking. If you fail to give less than 24 hours notice should you need to cancel this will not be refunded. Otherwise this will be taken off the final amount at your lash appointment.


During Lash Appointment

Please arrive mascara free, it is also advisable to remove contact lenses before we start. Lashes are applied individually to your natural lashes. It is quite relaxing and not unusual for clients to have a nap!


After Lash Appointment

I will go through aftercare for your new lashes and supply you with a lash brush. I advise against wearing mascara, especially with russian volume lashes, but should you still want to a water soluable mascara is advised not waterproof as this contains oils which will break down the bonds, causing your lash extensions to weaken and they will not last long! Any other eye make up should also be removed with a non oily make up remover. Infills are recommended around every 2-4 weeks to continue the fullness of your extensions.

BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT text only on 07980 737785